Interviewing tips

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Interviewing tips

Do you need to interview someone in person, for an article or project? Here are some quick tips […]

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Raise the floor

Our skills and confidence grow with any new challenge and it becomes easier to say “I can do […]

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Drunk tank pink meets WIFM

Deep within our subconscious we are obsessed with ourselves, drawn to things that reflect us or look like […]

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What motivates you to learn?

What motivates you to learn? How we learn revolves around what drives or motivates us – our way […]

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Sleep’s powerful influence on learning

Our brain is almost unbelievably active when we’re asleep. “It’s possible that the reason we need to sleep […]

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Nature-driven brain power

A place to escape routine, explore, ‘muck around’.  The outdoors.  We feel how it enlivens us, yes.  But […]

One thing at a time mindset

One-thing-at-a-time mindset

How do you focus your attention?  Do you switch from one task to the next to ‘get it […]