Six sure-fire ways to check your own work

Six sure-fire ways to proof-read your own work

Six sure-fire ways to check your own work

Proofreading is a science, so it needs a system. We all miss typos or mistakes in our own […]

Refreshing our screen-soaked minds

Our lives are so enriched and reliant on them. So much so that we spend more time in […]

Sleep’s powerful influence on learning

Our brain is almost unbelievably active when we’re asleep. “It’s possible that the reason we need to sleep […]

‘What’s in it for me?’ learners

Adult learners are most engaged when the information and ideas  solve problems they’re presently faced with. Motivation is […]

Interviewing tips

Do you need to interview someone in person for an article or project? Here are some quick tips […]

Waving our motivation wand

If we are motivated, we’ll act on it, right?  Surely, when we feel like doing something, we’ll just […]

Nature-driven brain power

A place to escape routine, explore, ‘muck around’.  The outdoors.  We feel how it enlivens us, yes.  But […]