Engaging content isn’t just for your customer. Your content reflects you as a business owner and professional, people judge your brand based on what they read and see about you.  That’s why it makes sense to enlist a professional to create your content for you.

You’ll benefit from Wordbalance’s independent and objective eye. We’ll create pieces that are true to your company’s character and help you to build a positive, distinct brand.

Worbalance have produced news and feature articles for magazines, newspapers and websites for ten years, sprinkling vigour and humour into well-researched pieces. Topics span across a wide field, from technology, the environment, parenting, education, and health.

Facts win trust. Articles need facts – unpacked through conversations.  The articles we write can include shareable content or stories offered through Facebook, Google, Twitter and other platforms to expand your customer base.

It’s virtually impossible for you to analyse your own articles or website effectively because you’re so close them.    An independent professional can shed new light on your content and really make words work for you.  We can write your content from scratch, or edit it for you. Whatever it is, we can write it, so contact us now.

Helpful article, blog or newsletter writing tips

What if you’re just fresh out of ideas or full of ideas that just won’t sit on the page?

First, forget the worry about being clever, funny, or right-on-target, otherwise, you’ll never get started!

Catch those moments you’re buzzing with ideas and write them down, even if it’s way-ahead of when you may need them. Then, you’ll always have a starter.

If you’re in the middle of one newsletter or blog an idea pops into your head for the next one (even if it’s in six-months’ time) pop it into that file. When a project is coming down to the wire or you have looming deadline, you don’t want to be focusing on content and word count, you want to be thinking about structure and keywords.

Here are 10 handy tips for writing your blog, article, or newsletter: 

  1. Set a clear reader-focused plan. What will be the benefit to the reader, what do you want the readers to do?
  2. Who is your reader? Where, when, why, how do they read your info or use your product/service.
  3. Share high-quality content to establish yourself as an expert so your readers trust you.
  4. Be useful. It is not about you, it’s about your READER. Make your info so useful – educate, entertain – that your reader will feel empowered and share the content.
  5. Promote your content, not your product.  No-one is obliged to read your content, so make it so beneficial they’ll keep coming back for more and share it with others
  6. Simple works best. Short sentences, bullet points, headers, sub-headers, no jargon
  7. Use visual content– photos, videos, and graphics
  8. Share interesting stories about people, nearby (staff) or far away (reader’s stories)
  9. Encourage participation from readers so you can understand each other better
  10. Deadlines motivate. Set them up on a calendar so you stay ahead of the urgency

You have a great start to an article or blog if…               

  • You have a new original topic which is of broad interest to your target group
  • You deal with basic life issues – love, sickness, health
  • You have a strong central unifying theme
  • You can offer intelligent insight. You’re not just stating-the-obvious or going along with conventional wisdom
  • You have colourful, compelling anecdotes from your sources and you have elements of drama, conflict or colour to liven things up

Whatever it is, Wordbalance can write it for you, so contact us now.