As an adult literacy tutor I’ve developed a cache of handy tips and resources I need at my fingertips as my one-stop literacy link.  I’m delighted to share this cache with you and welcome your responses. Comment on one of the literacy-related blogs or send a note on the  contact form.  I’m keen to know what you find most useful.    

The content of the cache is:

Adult literacy ten-year plan.  The Australian government’s National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults is a framework which focuses on adult learners’ needs and commits to this performance measure: By 2022, two thirds of working class Australians will have literacy and numeracy skills at level 3 or above.  Skill Level 3 is considered by COAG to be minimum level required by individuals to meet the complex demands of work and life. For more information, contact

Libraries for Literacy every day, every way: 2015 – 2018 framework – outlines the essential roles that libraries have in delivering literacy programs in communities across Queensland.

International Literacy Association (ILA) resources

ILA is a global organisation of over 300,000 literacy educators, researchers and experts across 75 countries. The Literacy Daily blog includes news, research, resources and other ideas, including digital literacy links such as the App a Day list. Recent great reads on the list include A Wealth of Digital Aids for Early Readers and Taking Dyslexic Accommodations Mobile. The Children’s & YA Literature section includes book reviews, recommendations and more, including curated selections of age appropriate books. Follow ILA on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date.