Wouldn’t you love to produce the best memories of your life so you can share them with family and friends?

A life story is a treasured gift for your family and for the generations to come.

Let me help you – or one of your loved ones – capture memories and write a memoir.  Why not leave a  wonderful record of yourself for others to share in generations to come?  Or maybe you just want to record some of your experiences before they fade with time.  What’s important to you can only be answered by you, so why leave it up to someone else to say when you can say it in your own words!

I am currently the interviewer for the Noosa Library service’s Oral Histories project and genuinely have a passion for hearing people’s life stories.

I will:

  • Give you helpful strategies for us to get the most out of your life-story
  • Give you the motivation to get started, a sort of ‘ life-story coach’  who helps or visits you each week…
  • Prompt you and give you topics to make it easier for you
  • Meet with you where and when it suits – weekly for one hour over one year, a few hours a week – whatever suits you

Go on, start to create your life story today!  Contact us today for help.




















Love the idea of writing your own life-story, or a family member’s life story?

Plenty of people do, but tend to feel there’s no hurry, they’ll get around to it one day…….

Some people struggle to get a life story underway because they feel a little insecure about telling the story, or are not sure what to say – this is where a friend or helper comes in.

Others may have compiled a plethora of information and are not sure what to do with it.

It might help to find a motivated family member to encourage you and push your life-story project forward.  Wherever the case, now is the time to act!

–  Write down as much as you can, keep it close and keep adding more.

–   Find a friend or someone to help keep you on track and encourage you.

–  Give it a go! Take it one step at a time. There are so many prompts you can use.

–  Practise writing it. Put in the time, or find someone to help you.